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This week i got to enjoy a little of artist, Yireh Elaine Kawak,displayed work in the Gatov-West Gallery.She is currently almost at the finish line of her Bachelors of Drawing and Painting degree here at CSULB. Elaine lives on a Hill in Fullerton, California where she is often inspired by when stepping outside her home. She mentioned that she has a good point of view of nature from her home which includes green pastures and trees. While she emphasized what inspires her and her work, i could visualize it, her drawing itself which is titled “home” (pictured above) speaks her words.

She added that sometimes she just goes in her studio and paints from memory, intuition, and observation. The piece shown above, “Home”, took Elaine about 1 1/2 months  almost 2 to complete.Her plans for this summer are to travel, take a break from school,and work on her portfolio.