This week I concentrated on Piet Eppinga’s exhibit in the Werby Gallery. Piet Eppinga grew up in the Dutch country and was eventually stationed in Iraq at some point in his life. Eppiniga has also traveled to other countries like for example, Africa making him culturally diverse. Eppinga  express his experiences with nature and a diverse pool of people to express in his work. Eppinga’s gallery caught my attention mainly because of my experience with sculptures for last week’s activity. I wanted to admire the work of an artist because i now realize the hard work it is to create even the simplest of them all. The above two were some of my favorite pieces created by him.I really like the small details that makes the texture so visible from a distance.

Eppinga admitted that over time it has become easier for him to express himself through the use of art. Eppinga’s work has a historical and multi-cultural context in which a collective idea can be found. Viewing his art, you could tell he is culturally diverse and enjoys presenting the many different cultures he has been able to experience in his career. I enjoyed this gallery and i think I valued it even more after attempting to work on a sculpture myself. I now realize the hard work that is put into these pieces and admire every little detail.




2015-04-09 (2)2015-04-09 (4)

In this week’s activity i did a sculpture with plaster and sand at the beach. Plaster casting was a bit complicated, frustrating, and fun at the same time. It was very hard for to make the perfect plaster for my mold.It also took about four times for my plaster to go the the way through my mold to the tip of my fingers. Then by the time is actually got to my finger tips, they were very thin and fragile.

On the bright side, this weeks activity was fun. I never knew you could actually make a “homemade” sculpture which i think is pretty cool and can get creative after a little practice.In the future, i think i will definitely try this again perhaps try creating different types of sculptures. For a long time sculptures have been one of my favorite types of art pieces. They are all so realistic and can say so much to an audience,specifically sculptures from ancient times. I find ancient sculptures so interesting because it is like a piece of history that is left behind to represent a story of a person, place, thing, etc.




This week I carefully analyzed the Gatov West gallery, what initially caught my attention was a piece that said in capital, bold, black lettering, “MAN UP”.  To begin with, I really like how this weeks gallery shows a different perspective of last weeks about women. It was obvious that the artist, Gabriel Garcia, was trying to send the audience a message with the  writing in the gallery.

Gabriel Garcia, is currently a third year  MFA student for art and painting at CSULB and this week’s gallery was his final one. This week in his gallery he wanted to show his audience what is considered to be “manly”or “man enough”. He chose this specific topic because he wanted to bring awareness to his audience and others about domestic violence. Gabriel took about two years planning this project plus four more on actually making it happen.

I see this gallery as very eye opening to the audience because like artist, Gabriel Garcia, I also believe that this is a serious issue people should be informed about and what better way to present it than in the form of art. Just like women, men have also experienced social pressure for a really long time in regards to their gender role playing and other relating to topic that rebuttals what is expected from them do to their “sex” at birth,or even before (the development of an embryo) .In Gabriel’s specific topic of focus if a male is not manly enough he is labeled a “fag”, “gay”,”pussy”,”feminine” and other disturbing names. As mentioned by Gabriel this is a serious issue because of the consequences that coexist with the topic which is why i really enjoyed this gallery and his purpose.





This week’s activity was up to us, the student, with only one “constraint”, it had to be art related.At a very young age i began to see the beauty of art through photography.I would sneak my parents camera around the house and take pictures of random things and people.I found this category of art inspiring, relaxing, exciting, and often times i saw happiness within each photograph. Above are three examples of my work of art for this week. I took these photographs of a Lily, Orchid, and Rose in my home and outside in our garden. The weather was nice and the flowers reminded me of the beauty of both spring and summer. All the flowers i photographed are bright and colorful which brings happiness to me and I hope it can also make my audience happy as well.

When it comes to art I believe that most of us think of it as only painting or drawing until we find out that there are a lot of others types of art that we take for granted.In this case i consider photography as a form of expression and a form of art that reflects who you are and what you are about. I believe that photography has a variety of styles and each artist goes by its own form of presenting their work. This is by far my favorite type of art because there is so much you can absorb from one picture.Also not to mention the different emotions you can see in the art pieces.I had a great time with this weeks project because i got to do something i enjoy doing and have fun at the same time taking pictures.



This week the Merlino Gallery spoke to me and stood out to me the most. When I first got to the gallery i saw i warning sign which caught my attention because it instantly makes you think “wow, i wonder what they have in there”. This gallery consisted mostly of the female anatomy and “pleasure”, which i found ironic because i am currently learning all about this in my women studies class this semester. I thought this gallery was great this week because it is out of the ordinary and it to me it showed an emphasis on women which i found important. Women don’t usually express their sexuality especially not publicly and this goes way back in history that is why i believe that artist Kaclica Chhin and Amanda Ruiz  did a great job in displaying this work.

When speaking to artist Kaclica Chinn i learned that she worked on the sculptures, which took her about three weeks to do one (image not shown above) and her partner Amanda Ruiz worked on the illustrations. Speaking of the topic, sexuality, is often time one that we try to avoid but after visiting this gallery i got to notice how important it is to not avoid it and i also believe it is a good thing that these two artist took “Art” to a different level.



This week I had the pleasure of meeting Computer Science Major, Aleks Kivual. Aleks is a second year student at CSULB. He is from Palos Verdes Peninsula High School which is located in his hometown, Palos Verdes, California. He first leaned that he had a passion for computer science and had an idea that this is probably what he wanted to do for the rest of his life his sophomore year in high school when he took a computer science class. His task in that classroom was not as rigorous as it is now but he has managed to survive so far and hopefully will make it through College. Currently he is working for Northrop Grumman which he explained was an American Aerospace and defense technology company where he works in the research and development office. Aleks explained how competitive it is to obtain a position even as a volunteer there after High School and how lucky he was to have found this job before transferring from college to high school.

Aleks is really excited and looking forward for Spring Break because he will be attending LA HAKS, a competition at UCLA where you get to design something and after 36 hours you get to present it to a large group of people. It is nice that Aleks really enjoys his career and is happy with his choices because there is no better feeling than loving what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life. I hope Aleks continues to be devoted to his passions and is very successful with his career in the future.