This week I interviewed artist,Elia Murray. Elia displayed her work in the Gatov-East and West Gallery this week. The  art show was tittled “Drawn Out”.It consisted of pieces from a handful of artist who will be graduating this May with a BFA of illustration and Animation. This art show was nice because I got to see a lot of graduating seniors work which have already gained so much experience during their time at CSULB.

When i took a look at Murray’s work i found it interesting because it kind of reminded me of Disney animations and art work I have seen done for Disney. One of the reasons I really enjoyed her artwork because to me her work looked like antique pieces of art. Murray mention that she would get inspiration of the colors by looking at sunsets and trouts from pinterest. This is something unique because I would have never imagined that artist find inspiration through a website such as pinterest. She hopes to one day have her own business. Every now and then she has people send her in pictures of her cats or dogs and she paints them. Personally, I believe that Murray would make a great book illustrator for books who’s audience are children. Her art is very attention grabbing, realistic, and you can tell you has a lot of motivation in her field. I certainly would like to see more of Murray’s work in the near future.


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