Week 12-EC (Blog post 4)

Since the semester is coming to an end and our last activity is due today I have concluded what my three favorite and my three least favorite activities have been this semester. To being with my favorite activity this semester was Activity 10, Student Choice. On activity 10 i chose to express art using photography, since it has been my favorite form of art since I was a child and i found photography very valuable and historical. My second favorite activity this semester was activity 2,Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing). This activity was really fun and “free hand”. I got to graffiti without putting much thought into it just by relaxing and drawing what ever idea came to mind. Although it did not work so well for me, I also enjoyed activity 11,Sculpture (Plaster Casting).This activity was a completely different experience, i had no idea this was possible until i learned about it the week this activity was assigned.This activity was fun and something i really enjoyed.I would also like to try doing it again in order to hopefully have a better outcome.


On the other hand i also experienced my three least favorite activities this semester. I strongly disliked Activity 4,New Media (The Mina Show) and activity 7,Portrait Photography (Landscapes with a Corpse) for the same reason they were a little awkward and I feel that makes things not as enjoyable. For activity for it was hard to come up with an idea that you felt comfortable working with and blogging about especially if you’re a little shy. Activity 7 seemed like a great idea “portrait photography” but the “landscape with a corpse made it not so great for the same reason as activity 4 and because if you feel more comfortable working alone it’s a little harder to come up with satisfactory final product since ultimately your photographing yourself…”dead”. Additionally, activity 1,Web Design (Your WordPress) was also one of my least favorite. I believe this is so for me, because its hard for me to keep up with accounts and passwords and i am not a fan of registering for things i might not utilize for long.

On a brighter note, although i had a few least favorite activities i did enjoy the class. Especially the first random open lecture we had in the semester because that specific lecture made you think critically, “wow, i don’t know i had never thought about that”, type of thing. I also enjoyed visiting the galleries of thursdays because i got to experience being an audience the many great art pieces throughout the semester.


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