This week I concentrated on Piet Eppinga’s exhibit in the Werby Gallery. Piet Eppinga grew up in the Dutch country and was eventually stationed in Iraq at some point in his life. Eppiniga has also traveled to other countries like for example, Africa making him culturally diverse. Eppinga  express his experiences with nature and a diverse pool of people to express in his work. Eppinga’s gallery caught my attention mainly because of my experience with sculptures for last week’s activity. I wanted to admire the work of an artist because i now realize the hard work it is to create even the simplest of them all. The above two were some of my favorite pieces created by him.I really like the small details that makes the texture so visible from a distance.

Eppinga admitted that over time it has become easier for him to express himself through the use of art. Eppinga’s work has a historical and multi-cultural context in which a collective idea can be found. Viewing his art, you could tell he is culturally diverse and enjoys presenting the many different cultures he has been able to experience in his career. I enjoyed this gallery and i think I valued it even more after attempting to work on a sculpture myself. I now realize the hard work that is put into these pieces and admire every little detail.


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