This week I carefully analyzed the Gatov West gallery, what initially caught my attention was a piece that said in capital, bold, black lettering, “MAN UP”.  To begin with, I really like how this weeks gallery shows a different perspective of last weeks about women. It was obvious that the artist, Gabriel Garcia, was trying to send the audience a message with the  writing in the gallery.

Gabriel Garcia, is currently a third year  MFA student for art and painting at CSULB and this week’s gallery was his final one. This week in his gallery he wanted to show his audience what is considered to be “manly”or “man enough”. He chose this specific topic because he wanted to bring awareness to his audience and others about domestic violence. Gabriel took about two years planning this project plus four more on actually making it happen.

I see this gallery as very eye opening to the audience because like artist, Gabriel Garcia, I also believe that this is a serious issue people should be informed about and what better way to present it than in the form of art. Just like women, men have also experienced social pressure for a really long time in regards to their gender role playing and other relating to topic that rebuttals what is expected from them do to their “sex” at birth,or even before (the development of an embryo) .In Gabriel’s specific topic of focus if a male is not manly enough he is labeled a “fag”, “gay”,”pussy”,”feminine” and other disturbing names. As mentioned by Gabriel this is a serious issue because of the consequences that coexist with the topic which is why i really enjoyed this gallery and his purpose.


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