2015-04-09 (2)2015-04-09 (4)

In this week’s activity i did a sculpture with plaster and sand at the beach. Plaster casting was a bit complicated, frustrating, and fun at the same time. It was very hard for to make the perfect plaster for my mold.It also took about four times for my plaster to go the the way through my mold to the tip of my fingers. Then by the time is actually got to my finger tips, they were very thin and fragile.

On the bright side, this weeks activity was fun. I never knew you could actually make a “homemade” sculpture which i think is pretty cool and can get creative after a little practice.In the future, i think i will definitely try this again perhaps try creating different types of sculptures. For a long time sculptures have been one of my favorite types of art pieces. They are all so realistic and can say so much to an audience,specifically¬†sculptures from ancient times. I find ancient sculptures so interesting because it is like a piece of history that is left behind to represent a story of a person, place, thing, etc.


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