This week’s activity was up to us, the student, with only one “constraint”, it had to be art related.At a very young age i began to see the beauty of art through photography.I would sneak my parents camera around the house and take pictures of random things and people.I found this category of art inspiring, relaxing, exciting, and often times i saw happiness within each photograph. Above are three examples of my work of art for this week. I took these photographs of a Lily, Orchid, and Rose in my home and outside in our garden. The weather was nice and the flowers reminded me of the beauty of both spring and summer. All the flowers i photographed are bright and colorful which brings happiness to me and I hope it can also make my audience happy as well.

When it comes to art I believe that most of us think of it as only painting or drawing until we find out that there are a lot of others types of art that we take for granted.In this case i consider photography as a form of expression and a form of art that reflects who you are and what you are about. I believe that photography has a variety of styles and each artist goes by its own form of presenting their work. This is by far my favorite type of art because there is so much you can absorb from one picture.Also not to mention the different emotions you can see in the art pieces.I had a great time with this weeks project because i got to do something i enjoy doing and have fun at the same time taking pictures.


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