This week the Merlino Gallery spoke to me and stood out to me the most. When I first got to the gallery i saw i warning sign which caught my attention because it instantly makes you think “wow, i wonder what they have in there”. This gallery consisted mostly of the female anatomy and “pleasure”, which i found ironic because i am currently learning all about this in my women studies class this semester. I thought this gallery was great this week because it is out of the ordinary and it to me it showed an emphasis on women which i found important. Women don’t usually express their sexuality especially not publicly and this goes way back in history that is why i believe that artist Kaclica Chhin and Amanda Ruiz  did a great job in displaying this work.

When speaking to artist Kaclica Chinn i learned that she worked on the sculptures, which took her about three weeks to do one (image not shown above) and her partner Amanda Ruiz worked on the illustrations. Speaking of the topic, sexuality, is often time one that we try to avoid but after visiting this gallery i got to notice how important it is to not avoid it and i also believe it is a good thing that these two artist took “Art” to a different level.


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