This week I interviewed artist,Elia Murray. Elia displayed her work in the Gatov-East and West Gallery this week. The  art show was tittled “Drawn Out”.It consisted of pieces from a handful of artist who will be graduating this May with a BFA of illustration and Animation. This art show was nice because I got to see a lot of graduating seniors work which have already gained so much experience during their time at CSULB.

When i took a look at Murray’s work i found it interesting because it kind of reminded me of Disney animations and art work I have seen done for Disney. One of the reasons I really enjoyed her artwork because to me her work looked like antique pieces of art. Murray mention that she would get inspiration of the colors by looking at sunsets and trouts from pinterest. This is something unique because I would have never imagined that artist find inspiration through a website such as pinterest. She hopes to one day have her own business. Every now and then she has people send her in pictures of her cats or dogs and she paints them. Personally, I believe that Murray would make a great book illustrator for books who’s audience are children. Her art is very attention grabbing, realistic, and you can tell you has a lot of motivation in her field. I certainly would like to see more of Murray’s work in the near future.




This week I met Monica Navarro.She is a third year Sociology major at CSULB. Monica is from Bellflower, California. She attended Bell High before coming to CSULB where she played soccer until her Senior year. She also played golf on her senior year in high school, I thought it was different because I had never heard of a high school that had golf as a sport. Currently, I have Monica for one of my Sociology classes but I have not really gotten to know her as a person besides her major until this past Thursday.

Monica works at the city of Bell park as a Rec. Leader. I thought this was pretty cool because she is gaining experience while having fun at the same time. She told me herself she loved her job but who wouldn’t? In the summer she is in charge of leading sports and fitness activities as well as arts and crafts for children. She also does office work and at times picks up trash.

It was nice getting to know Monica a little better. It eventually became a conversation off topic with our similarities and differences. However, it was interesting getting to know each others experiences and each other.



This week i got to enjoy a little of artist, Yireh Elaine Kawak,displayed work in the Gatov-West Gallery.She is currently almost at the finish line of her Bachelors of Drawing and Painting degree here at CSULB. Elaine lives on a Hill in Fullerton, California where she is often inspired by when stepping outside her home. She mentioned that she has a good point of view of nature from her home which includes green pastures and trees. While she emphasized what inspires her and her work, i could visualize it, her drawing itself which is titled “home” (pictured above) speaks her words.

She added that sometimes she just goes in her studio and paints from memory, intuition, and observation. The piece shown above, “Home”, took Elaine about 1 1/2 months  almost 2 to complete.Her plans for this summer are to travel, take a break from school,and work on her portfolio.



This week i met Maddie Iwanaga.She is a first year student at CSULB from San Diego, California. Her goals are to someday work in the criminal justice field. She has an older sister and younger brother . Before she began college she used to play volleyball and softball. Like me, she enjoys the beach and also has a passion for photography. She mentioned that she is currently working in the photography field in her free time and really enjoys it.

Maddie’s favorite type of music is rock she added that she loves the Beatles and enjoys going to concerts. Maddie owns a cat whos name is Trinity. Her parents are from Japan and her Grandparents are from Aguas Calientes, Mexico which i thought was pretty cool because she has a lot of diversity in her family and gets to learn closely about different cultures. It was nice getting to know Maddie she was very outgoing and easy to talk to. I hope that she accomplishes her goals and is having a pleasant 1st year at CSULB.



This week at the galleries I met Daniela Hernandez. Daniela is a freshman at CSULB aspiring a career as a journalist.After graduating she mentioned she would like to become a PR specialist. She is interested in fashion therefore, she would like to minor in fashion and merchandize. Daniela is from the area, Long Beach,CA, but is currently living in the dorms here at CSULB. She added that she regrets spending so much money dorming but she really wanted that experience but next year she will be living at home with her family.

Daniela’s favorite beach is Venice Beach.She works at the Long Beach Museum of art and has two older siblings and one younger but at time wishes she had an older brother to be protective over her. Lastly, she shared that she had a boyfriend who is attending school in Wisconsin and is impatiently waiting for summer so that they can spend time together and enjoy their break with each other.

Week 12-EC (Blog post 4)

Since the semester is coming to an end and our last activity is due today I have concluded what my three favorite and my three least favorite activities have been this semester. To being with my favorite activity this semester was Activity 10, Student Choice. On activity 10 i chose to express art using photography, since it has been my favorite form of art since I was a child and i found photography very valuable and historical. My second favorite activity this semester was activity 2,Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing). This activity was really fun and “free hand”. I got to graffiti without putting much thought into it just by relaxing and drawing what ever idea came to mind. Although it did not work so well for me, I also enjoyed activity 11,Sculpture (Plaster Casting).This activity was a completely different experience, i had no idea this was possible until i learned about it the week this activity was assigned.This activity was fun and something i really enjoyed.I would also like to try doing it again in order to hopefully have a better outcome.


On the other hand i also experienced my three least favorite activities this semester. I strongly disliked Activity 4,New Media (The Mina Show) and activity 7,Portrait Photography (Landscapes with a Corpse) for the same reason they were a little awkward and I feel that makes things not as enjoyable. For activity for it was hard to come up with an idea that you felt comfortable working with and blogging about especially if you’re a little shy. Activity 7 seemed like a great idea “portrait photography” but the “landscape with a corpse made it not so great for the same reason as activity 4 and because if you feel more comfortable working alone it’s a little harder to come up with satisfactory final product since ultimately your photographing yourself…”dead”. Additionally, activity 1,Web Design (Your WordPress) was also one of my least favorite. I believe this is so for me, because its hard for me to keep up with accounts and passwords and i am not a fan of registering for things i might not utilize for long.

On a brighter note, although i had a few least favorite activities i did enjoy the class. Especially the first random open lecture we had in the semester because that specific lecture made you think critically, “wow, i don’t know i had never thought about that”, type of thing. I also enjoyed visiting the galleries of thursdays because i got to experience being an audience the many great art pieces throughout the semester.